Roháče is for the tourists the most attractive part of the West Tatras , the second highest mountain in Slovakia. Its name comes from the shape of two typical peaks: Ostrý Roháč ( Sharp Horn) (2087m.above sea level) and Plačlivé (2124m.a.s.l.) which remind you of devil´s horns.

Roháče is the most exposed part of the whole West Tatras. The tour on the edge of these beautiful peaks is recommended only to capable and experienced tourists who do not suffer of vertigo. Moving in this terrain you must keep stuck to the stones or to the chains. However, we choose the lower track which is very picturesque as well. It goes through national natural preserve Roháče Tarns which belong to the most worth seeing part of the West Tatras.

Our tour starts in the car park in Roháče Valley 1070 metres above sea level. Tracing asphalt road you get to Adamcuľa after 40 minutes. Here there is a turning to blue sign to Spálená Valley and Roháče Waterfall. The landscape here is already steep, rocky. The path goes through the spruce tree forest and dwarf pine up to the brim after which you could see Roháče Tarns. We sweat a little, but it is worth the effort. We find ourselves in alpine scene of Roháče tarns. There are six of them and the biggest is the Big Roháče Tarn spreading over 2 hectares. The whole valley has been shaped by huge 9 km long iceberg . On the right side we have Plačlivé and Ostrý Roháč, in front of us is Volovec (2063 m.a.s.l.) on the frontiers with Poland. Passing the tarns we gradually descend to Smutná/Sad Valley and then to Tatliak lake with Tatliak mountain chalet. From there we continue on asphalt road as far as to car park starting point in Roháče Valley.

The whole tour is moderately difficult with 700 metres superelevation and length of about 13 km. The time needed for the tour is six hours altogether with relax breaks. The solid shoes, waterproof wind-jacket and T-shirt for change are necessary .






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