The waterfall is situated on the south slope of Poľana 1030 metres above sea level. It is one of the most massive waterfalls in the vulcanites of the West Carpathians. It emerged during the tectonic breakdown when the part of the solidified lava stream decreased. Its height is considerable 23 metres.

The best access to waterfall is from the asphalt road leading to mountain hotel Poľana. The whole tour there and back takes four kilometres. The path goes firstly moderately downwards across the picturesque forest meadow , then it goes through the forest as far as to the Walley of Bystré Creek. Alongside the creek it is already a step forward to get there. Afterwards we find ourselves on the rocky terrace, from which the water falls to the depth of more than 20 metres. Near the waterfall it is possible to come down the iron ladders down to the stream bottom where water falls with big noise. The Bystré waterfall is a national natural monument which fascinates each visitor.

The tour – trip lasts about one and a half hour together with a 30 minutes break near the waterfall. The guide can offer you transport from the place of accommodation or residence by car, transport back, infomeating and safe escort in the mountain environment. You should have on solid outdoor shoes, with vibram sole. Important : do not forget cameras.

Hiking trail

Bystré,Vrátka (zast.bus, križ. žltej a zelenej) – Vodopád Bystré, čas 1 hod,vzdialenosť  3,2 km, stúpanie +355m

Vodopád Bystré – Bystré,Vrátka(zast.bus, križ. žltej a zelenej), čas 50min, vzdialenosť 3,2km, klesanie  – 355m

Spolu: Bystré,Vrátka – Vodopád Bystré a späť  2 hodiny, vzdialenosť 6,4km, prevýšenie +355m, – 355m[/fusion_text]